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Is it weird that having your email hacked is becoming “the norm”? It’s almost expected and a sign of the times that we’re not the only ones looking at our stuff.

Unfortunately an email hack goes much deeper than just an invasion of your privacy or spamming of your contact list, here’s why…

We are creatures of habit. We like our conveniences – and using the same login username/ID and password are easy and convenient. Hackers are betting that you are using the same exact username/ID and password on other online accounts as well. Think about it… online banking accounts, Facebook, and other social platforms, email servers, PayPal, the list goes on.  If the hacker obtains your online username/ID and password, they now have THE KEYS to your vault with the ability to drain your banking accounts, spam your contacts, and gather enough personal identifying information about you to commit identity theft.

If your email has been recently hacked, here is what to do ASAP:

  1. Change your email password to something strong and unique – ASAP!
  2. Create a unique and different username/ID and password for every online account that relates to your finances or other forms of personal identifying information.
  3. Frequently check these associated accounts to ensure no tampering has taken place.

Changing your login information will be a temporary pain in the butt, however, putting these safety measures into practice now will save you a world of heart ache down the road. It’s unfortunate that identity theft is now a common, household word, but it is a reality we all have to live with.

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